Saturday, May 22, 2010

#406: Advanced College Radio Mathematics (w/ guest host Kent Jones, Dead Air Correspondent)

In which the "Copout vs. Continuation" exchange rate is speculated on in excruciating detail.
Vincent Price
Nishika 3D Camera (part one)

Continuing Vincent Price Month (well, half-month) on Chaos: Live!

Seatbelts (Yoko Kanno)
Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack

The New Pornographers
Crash Years


The Apples in Stereo
Hey Elevator
Travellers in Space and Time

Stereo Total
No Controles
Baby Ouh!

New Young Pony Club
Before the Light
The Optimist

The xx

We Have All We've Ever Wanted
See Mystery Lights

DJ Riko
Whistler's Delight

The Bran Flakes
I Have a Friend
I Have Hands

The Bird & The Bee
Love Letter to Japan
Ray Guns are Not Just the Future

The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man
Slightly Crazy Lazy Day / It's My Job
The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man
Roman Grecco Theme Continuation, pt. 1 (From the 365 Days Project)

The Flaming Lips
The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine
Roman Grecco Theme Continuation, pt. 2

Sonic Youth
Malibu Gas Station
The Eternal

Yo La Tengo
The Fireside
Popular Songs

Yoshida Brothers
Tsugaru Jyangara Bushi
Yoshida Brothers

Pops McGonigle: Driving in the Slow Lane (encore presentation)

Royal Taster of Food
Drawings and Garbage Structures

Clothespin Cha Cha
Frequencies of the Beast

The Mashed Potatoes (It's the Lettuce)
Music That's Better Than it Sounds

Los Straitjackets
All Back to Drac's
Twist Party

Miku Hatsune
Back in the U.S.S.R.

This week's Magic Miku Moment

People Like Us
Bier Bier Bier Downtown
Abridged Too Far

They Might Be Giants
Why Does the Sun Shine?

The Magnetic Fields
I Looked All Over Town

Grace Kelly Blues
Oh What a Beautiful Morning

The Sw!ms
In the Sun
Snack Food Junction

The Rosebuds
Leaves Do Fall
Birds Make Good Neighbors

Juliana Hatfield
The End of the War
Peace & Love

What did we learn on today's programme?
  • Paul Bourre (aka Pneumershonic) would be a fitting leader for the Tea Party
  • Buckner and Garcia were the Lady Gaga of their time
  • I still have no idea who this Lady Gaga actually is
  • ... and neither does anybody else, for that matter.


  1. Lady GaGa is a hermaphrodite!


  3. Nah, I tink shes from da unided states. She dont look like a foringer.