Saturday, August 21, 2010

Frequency Demodulation

The WUSR Transmitter
On this week's episode, Electroman strikes again, taking the WUSR transmitter (what's left of it) off the air until somebody can drive up to the top of Bald Mtn. to switch it back on! (SPOILER ALERT: ain't gonna happen.)

Tune in next week, as we kick off our annual "Welcome Freshmen" show a full week after the freshman have moved in, causing it to make no sense whatsoever! Either that, or the station will be on fire. The fire is looking more likely right now, actually.

And now, as is tradition here on the blog, it's time for a special web-only edition of the Magic Miku Moment, in which we feature the musical stylings of Miku Hatsune, Japan's computer-generated vocal diva, and author of the new book "Self-healing through MTBI"

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