Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Great College Radio Labor Dispute of 2010

On this week's programme... we're locked out of the WUSR studios! Tune in, as we play absolutely no music, discuss no stupid news stories, play no instructional films for defunct camera manufacturers featuring decrepit actors, and almost certainly don't ramble on with Brian Carpenter for forty-five minutes! It's all happening right now on WUSR - playing your ex fave song!

In the meantime, while the University and Union lawyers duke it out over who's paying for the Chinese take-out, here's a special web-only edition of the Magic Miku Moment, in which we feature the musical stylings of former WUSR Jazz director Mark Webb^H^H^H^H^H^H Sorry, wrong moment. *ahem*, The musical stylings of Japan's computer-generated vocal diva Miku Hatsune.

This week, we're featuring a remake of one of my favorite tracks from the "Miku Hatsune is Murdering Improving the 1980's" genre, a cover of "Heaven is a Place on Earth", originally by Belinda Carlisle (whoever that is), by YouTube user initializedee. This version uses the recently released "Miku Append" libraries, which feature a wider range of vocal tones to work with. Also, initializedee seems to have acquired an animation budget with this one:

(Though I still like the goofy, minimalistic animation (okay, okay, lack of animation) of the original better)

Lock photo by Darwin Bell

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